In Search of the Best Biscuit Recipe

I’ve been looking a long time.  I may have come across it but didn’t realize because of my inexperience or impatience.  My thoughts have changed.  I still want a recipe that I can easily follow, has ingredients I regularly keep on hand,  and is the perfect mix of moist and crumbly.

I want a simple drop biscuit recipe.  Nothing against rolled and shaped biscuits, but I prefer to dirty as few dishes as possible.  I’m not fond of kneading and rolling either.  My luck with cutting shapes out of dough is definitely lacking. Simple for me means something I’m able to do in 15-20 minutes.  Refrigerating overnight, long rising/resting times, and the need for obscure kitchen appliances is not simple for me.

I have a fairly well stocked pantry.  I’d like to expand it but for now I regularly keep flour, sugar, oil, milk, eggs, baking powder, baking soda and other baking staples on hand. Expensive ingredients, those with a short shelf life and those I’ve never heard of are not typically on hand. Like Grandma’s biscuit recipe with ingredients available to most everyone.

I like a moist, slightly crumbly biscuit.  Something that goes well with jam or sausage gravy.  Something that will last until morning without getting rock hard.  A biscuit for brunch or a quick breakfast in a morning rush.  A biscuit I’d like to teach my kids to make.  Something they can share when they have a family.

I’m still searching for the best biscuit recipe…


Author: Undeniably Sara

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