My Daughter Loves to Cook

jade loves to cook

It happened suddenly this Summer.  I showed her how to cook brownies and we took off from there.  She’s made so many brownies, cakes, fruit breads, muffins, biscuits and pizza dough.  She loves to cook and can’t wait to learn more.

It all started with the brownies.  We had a box of brownie mix and she asked me to make some.  I just wasn’t feeling like baking that day.  I offered to show her how to make them. She caught on very quickly and had fun.  After many delicious batches she made on her own, she is the official brownie maker in our home.  Everyone agrees hers are the best!

We experiment with the different boxed mixes but she likes to cook from scratch. Now she is starting to teach her friends to cook when they come over to visit. She searches recipe websites and collects recipes she wants to make.  I enjoy spending time with her in the kitchen and its something valuable for her to learn.  It makes me wish I spent more time cooking with my mom.

This morning I woke up hungry for biscuits and gravy.  I taught her how to make them.  She’s never tried the gravy until today.  She loved it.  Someday I hope to wake up to her cooking biscuits and gravy.  Knowing her, they will be better than mine.  I can’t wait!

Author: Undeniably Sara

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