Purple Pickled Eggs

purple eggs

Last Summer our chickens were busy laying so many eggs I wondered what to do with all of them.  I gave some away, make tons of hard-boiled eggs and egg salad sandwiches but we still had too many.  I had to find something to do with them.

I enjoy preserving food.  It feels so old-fashioned, something  “old people” did when I was a child.  I remember helping my mom and a neighbor harvest plums to make preserves.  The smell of those plums cooking is still stuck in my mind.  The whole process was fascinating to me. I wish I had plum trees but instead I had too many fresh eggs.

Then it hit me.  I could make pickled eggs.  I love pickles and I love hard-boiled eggs.  I searched many recipes and landed one from AllRecipes.com.   I’m not fond of canned beets, but I wanted the eggs to have that beautiful purple color.

I pickled 3 dozen eggs.  When my oldest daughter saw them in my refrigerator she said that was such an “old person” thing to do.  I reminded her that I am technically an older person, compared to her!  She and her husband both loved them. I think they taste like a cross between a pickle and deviled egg.  Such a treat.

I don’t as many eggs this Summer but I may still make a small batch.

Author: Undeniably Sara

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