Clearing the Clutter

One of the best things I ever did was insist my ex remove his things from the house we once shared.  He hoarded everything from old movies and magazines to food and broken appliances.  Nothing of his was ever thrown out not even shoes the cats used as a litter box.  I couldn’t stand the site of his things and felt like they were swallowing me up in the shadows.  I asked him politely to get his things, but he refused so I packed up everything and moved it to the garage.  Even a two car garage was not big enough to hold all his stuff, so I asked him again to get his things, and again he refused.  Ultimately, a court order was necessary to motivate him to collect his precious things.  The entire situation was just another way he sought to control me.  If I had his things, then he always had a reason to come back and badger me. For years he accused me of still having some of his things and even enlisted my young son to smuggle things out of the house to him.  Fortunately, my son quickly realized he was being manipulated and told me.  It has been almost eight years since the relationship ended and just this past summer, he tried to get my teenage son to take things from the house to give to him.  In truth, he has multiple storage sheds full of things – so much so that he doesn’t know what he has or where it is – yet he fumes over the possibility that I still have some of his things.  His things are toxic to me, and I want nothing of them, but to him, they are treasured memories.  He holds onto clutter as he holds onto dysfunction and hate.  How thankful I am to be free of the clutter he finds so valuable.



Author: Undeniably Sara

Chronic Illness is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Resilience is a powerful weapon and must be nurtured.

16 thoughts on “Clearing the Clutter”

  1. The conscious reality of clutter, like any other state of one’s surroundings, is one’s own psyche bubbling to the surface, where it is put on display for everyone to see and read.

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  2. I had a bad first marriage, and I think getting rid of those painful reminders is a way to feel cleansed. I hope that he stays away from you in the future. People like that feed off of negative energy, that’s how they thrive.

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    1. I would really like to chat with you sometime if your not to busy. You are the very first person since my whole ordeal that has been able to actually understand in depth what kind of hell I was living and still live. I couldn’t find your email address though. If interested mine is I’m going to be reading every post you’ve written thus far avidly starting today. Thank you so much for liking one of my poems. You have already made a huge impact on my life and don’t even know it yet all because of one like. Best regards, Kim

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  3. Wow my ex was the same way and well of course he has been using that as an excuse to bother me. It is as though random little items meant more to him than the actual relationship. Now looking back, none of those things were of any value and well everything he had was nothing he worked for…so in reality he was just a very shallow person. People like that I feel like to be their own hurricane standing in the center feeding off all the people and things they hurt and destroy… it just best to stay clear of them.

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  4. Glad you stood your ground. Clutter of any type hinders us from growing and moving on to better things for our lives. I have a toxic person in my life and it is hard to move past everything and focus on the good at times. Thanks for posting this ❤

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  5. I had the same issue. He was using it as an excuse to bother me.
    Over time I have managed to clear just about everything. I won’t have anything associated with him in the house itself any more. I noticed the more of his stuff I cleared out the freer I felt.

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