Forgiveness in Process

The process of forgiveness is not quite complete yet, and at times the rage still boils up in me when triggered.  It helps to understand the abuse was not personal but just another stop in your never-ending journey to inflict pain on others.  Instead of dwelling on the hurt I am working through it as part of the healing process.  Eventually, my scars will fade and my time will be spent on new endeavors instead of healing.  Your journey will never end unless you admit to wrongdoing, seek help and change.




Author: Undeniably Sara

Chronic Illness is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Resilience is a powerful weapon and must be nurtured.

8 thoughts on “Forgiveness in Process”

  1. Forgiving for me has removed the virus within. As some have said we are only poisoning ourself. I had to also acknowledge and forgive myself for my part of the dance. Yes my heart was broken. Broken open with an abundance of light, love, learning , and Hope flooding in.

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  2. I was discussing forgiveness the other day, what is it anyway? does it mean we don’t hate them? or we will forget? or is forgiving attached to anger which comes from hurt, so forgiving means it don’t hurt anymore? Either way for me the memory of something sometimes comes and goes, sometimes its hurt sometimes its sadness, but these experiences mean I need to distance myself to protect myself from being hurt again, thats how I forgive, please shed your light.

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