Building Boundaries

The term healthy boundaries is a relatively new addition to my vocabulary. I realize now that my lack of boundaries left me open to abuse and manipulation from the narcissist and others. It is not easy to define one’s boundaries when there are none to begin with, but it is entirely necessary for self-preservation. 

There are things in this life I am not willing to accept any longer, and I am better off alone than in another boundary-lacking, abusive relationship. The thought of another person entering my life and wreaking havoc and constant chaos where there is relative peace now is simply unacceptable. The truth is, there may not be room in my life for any more people right now, and I am okay with that. For the time being, I plan to define my boundaries clearly and maybe even write them in stone.


Author: Undeniably Sara

Abuse is an unfortunate reality in this world and is more than physical assault. The invisible trauma we suffer can result in chronic illness, which is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Education and support from others are vital in the healing journey.

22 thoughts on “Building Boundaries”

  1. Limits and boundaries are good 🙂 I learned after my Aspergers diagnosis, that l needed more limits and boundaries in my life – it was the ONLY way to stop people taking the pizz out of me and my life – with boundaries you can start to self regulate your identity 🙂 Good post.

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  2. I thought I was the only one who learned boundaries in adulthood. This was necessary for me to learn for personal growth. I have since began teaching my daughter about boundaries. I believe it is essential!! Great post! 🙂

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  3. Boundaries are good but I would be cautious about setting them in stone, from your side of the wall they need to be able to flex and grow with you, good to be impenetrable for the outside for the time being, best wishes Neil

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  4. I think it could be good to be alone for a while, getting to know yourself better and deciding what you are prepared to accept and what not to accept, and becoming stronger. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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