Learning to Slow Down

Chronic migraine brought me to my knees, and I have no desire to return to that position. Some days I feel good and energetic, ready to take on the world, but my body has limits and forces me to adjust. Instead of pushing through it, I must slow down and rest, or the consequences will be severe and painful.

The slowing down is a dance, and I am still learning steps to a new way to face life because pushing through the pain, no matter what, was how I always confronted challenges in life. I’ve learned that there is no use in overexerting myself because it leaves me in bed with agonizing pain for days afterward. Conservation and the careful use of precious resources is a priority for this new phase of my life.


Author: Undeniably Sara

Abuse is an unfortunate reality in this world and is more than physical assault. The invisible trauma we suffer can result in chronic illness, which is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Education and support from others are vital in the healing journey.

21 thoughts on “Learning to Slow Down”

  1. migraines are something i deal with from time to time. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy! I hope you are able to listen to your body and relax. I am sure you have a variety of approaches but from experience, rest is best.

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  2. Oh goodness, this must be so very hard. I’ve not suffered migraines very often – they’re utterly, utterly horrible so I really feel for you. Take care and I’m sure you’ve got some sort of a diary to try to identify what brings them on, but I hope you find a way through this quickly.

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  3. Migrains are awful. I really feel for you. I used to suffer from them for years, until I changed my diet. I didn’t realize for years that I had not had any for a while. The other day at the eye specialist after many questions it seems they are gradually coming back. I look at what I was eating and over the Christmas New Year break a lot of gluten had snuck back in. I will endeavor to remove that what causes me issues. I am not saying its the way to go. Just what has worked for me xx I wish you a migraine free life xx

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    1. I’ve noticed diet plays a big role in how I feel overall and with the migraines. With me, there seems to be many different things that cause them – some I can change and some I just have to deal with (like the weather). Figuring out what helps and what hurts if half the battle.

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  4. Thanks for sharing and providing a good reminder. I know when I’m deprived of sleep I get migraines. Like you, it’s a reminder to slow down!

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    1. Getting enough sleep was one of the first steps in wrangling my migraines. I had no idea how important it is. Fortunately, my children are past the waking up at night stage and I’m able to get enough sleep on a more regular basis. I’m not sure how I functioned when they were all little and waking up at different hours during the night.

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      1. Oh my goodness. Me too! I almost lost it when my son was a baby. I made it through, but the lack of sleep almost took me over the edge. I guess it was just motherly instincts that saved me!

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  5. It really gives me clarity, hearing you say that migraines were the straw. The pain that forces us to change our ways and heal. I wonder what force it is inside that does this, that is willing to put us through this. Such a complex thing, the human soul.

    Nights of poor sleep and agitation and intense shaking is how my trauma is manifested at the moment. It is all but debilitating at times. You are helping me learn patience.

    Thank you for these, please keep on and on!

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    1. Thank you. I agree with you that we all have our breaking point where we need to start the journey out of the darkness and pain. I hope your symptoms improve soon and good sleep and rest come your way.


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