The Best Doctors

One of the first steps I took on the road to healing was spending a little time in the sunshine.  Even when I couldn’t get outside, I covered my eyes and laid in the sun shining through my bedroom window.  I made sleep a priority,  a dramatic change in my lifestyle which proved invaluable in my healing journey.  Right now I’m focusing on drinking enough water, which is something I’ve never done but will be crucial to my continued healing.  I still need to get out more into the fresh air, exercise regularly and improve my diet and I will, one step at a time.



Author: Undeniably Sara

Abuse is an unfortunate reality in this world and is more than physical assault. The invisible trauma we suffer can result in chronic illness, which is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Education and support from others are vital in the healing journey.

8 thoughts on “The Best Doctors”

  1. I like that: the best doctors are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, diet. O yes, and how difficult it is, to sometimes keep to a kind of routine in order to get some of them 😉 I wish you all the best and much strength on your journey of healing.

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  2. You go girl! 💫 And don’t stress about if your not getting enough sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, good diet. I believe self-compassion is in the end the “master doctor”. We will be fine as long as we find self-compassion. Lots of love for your healing journey!

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  3. It’s crazy how something so simple as enjoying the sunshine and going out and taking in nature can be so healing/rewarding! I am glad that you are making progress! Taking time for yourself is so necessary ❤ Self-love begins with the self ❤

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  4. Good for you! I know one step at a time . I’m trying to get on a better sleeping schedule so very hard …but trying I am back to drinking more water. And the sun well to cold out for me so I’m sitting near my biggest window in the house where the sun is so bright and warm and I am absorbing it . Once again good for you 🙂

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