Just Get Over It!

I know for a fact that if I had a traditional “physical disease” people in my life would be more understanding.  For some reason crippling depression, complex PTSD, and migraines that not only offer blinding pain but impaired cognitive function are “all in my head” and I should be able to “get over it.”   My family would not be embarrassed or disappointed in me because of my illnesses.  My boss and co-workers may not have accused me of “faking it to get out of work,” and maybe I’d still have my job.  But I don’t have a traditional “physical disease,” so I must work harder to heal and overcome the stigma others, with no concept of my ailments, place upon me.



Author: Undeniably Sara

Hi, I'm Undeniably Sara. I'm learning how to live well with chronic illnesses by focusing on self-healing with the goal of lifelong health.

12 thoughts on “Just Get Over It!”

  1. I hope today you remember that you matter, you make a difference, and you are valued and appreciated just as you are. By sharing your story, you are dissipating the stigma; you’re letting others know they are not alone.

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  2. This post pretty much sums up the stigma which surrounds mental health problems and other invisible diseases. It also pretty up sums up societies views on it, and how some people respond to how respond to it when you tell them that you have mental health problems. This post needs to be shared around the world xx

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  3. This stigma surrounding mental illness needs to be erased. As if it isn’t hard enough for depressed (as an example) people anyway, they also have to deal with people questioning their credibility on top of everything else.

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