The Memory of Trauma

I first learned about the idea of traumatic memories being difficult to explain with words in relation to young children. If we experience trauma at a young age (before we learn to talk), describing the experience with words is very difficult. I didn’t realize that no matter what age trauma is experienced, it is difficult to describe with words because the memory is more of a feeling. No wonder we struggle to explain how it feels. The words just aren’t there.



Author: Undeniably Sara

Hi, I'm Undeniably Sara. I'm learning how to live well with chronic illnesses by focusing on self-healing with the goal of lifelong health.

16 thoughts on “The Memory of Trauma”

      1. I ran a search for him on the site and there are several references including one to an unabridged version of The Body Keeps the Score, that you recommended to me some time ago. I’ll need to spend some time with this resource. Thanks again for directing me to this information.

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  1. I’ve tried so many times to recount traumatic events to therapists, and to friends, and just ended up saying “I don’t have the words” then sitting there a crying anxious mess. It’s nice to know there’s some science behind it, thanks.

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