Depression is More than Sadness

Depression is much more than the feeling of sadness. Feeling nothing is like insulation against the cold, stabbing pain of guilt, anxiety, self-loathing, hopelessness, and isolation. Sadness is a painful feeling, but combining it with all the other feelings is overwhelming.


Author: Undeniably Sara

Abuse is an unfortunate reality in this world and is more than physical assault. The invisible trauma we suffer can result in chronic illness, which is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Education and support from others are vital in the healing journey.

39 thoughts on “Depression is More than Sadness”

  1. I’m reading a great new book by Johann Hari called, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression–and the Unexpected Solutions. The author first became depressed as a child and started taking anti-depressants as a teenager. He thoroughly debunks the idea that depression is a result of serotonin deficiency. I won’t get into more, but I highly recommend it. You can order it from any bookseller. Most libraries should have a copy, too.

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  2. It’s hard for those who suffer depression. When I had my break down in 2013, I felt like a piece of garbage. I think that it was hard for my wife, having to deal with the fall out and not understanding why I was depressed, or how she could help.

    I think getting professional help was a great way to help me get through that dark time.

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  3. Yes, depression is much more than the feeling of sadness. Unfortunately many people don’t understand depression and think about it as a ‘simple’ sadness. Depression is much more complicated and deeper. When I suffered from depression I was like a living dead, the hurt inside of me was so strong that I thought I could not take it anymore. And it was attacking and destroying my life for many years.

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  4. Sara, you have described a very important point here and the illustration you chose shows it exactly.
    It is those who have not been touched by depression that advise their friends to “Snap out of it!”
    People who have been there know that depression is much, much more than just feeling sad.
    Shona x

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  5. I can definitely relate to you. Despite my dad claiming he had depression he thinks I’m just being lazy when I have a depressive episode that causes me to be unable to attend school and he thinks it’s just “all in my head” 🙃

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  6. Great post Sara,

    I agree. That is strange state of mind, and really hard to believe with this point of view that I was there.I was there in my best ages. I had everything, I was a student , in my twenties. I was an athlete, I had my own apartment. I had everything in material sense, but in my head a real battle took place. I tried to hide it and I did, but people who really knows me they knew something was wrong.I helped myself because I decided not to feel that way. I’ve read about it a lot, and I managed to change my mind,my thoughts, because there is an answer. Our thoughts determine our hormones and our condition depends on them.

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