Control is an illusion, and the fight against reduction is perpetual.


Author: Undeniably Sara

Abuse is an unfortunate reality in this world and is more than physical assault. The invisible trauma we suffer can result in chronic illness, which is a relentless beast gnawing away at the soundness of mind. Education and support from others are vital in the healing journey.

8 thoughts on “Reduction”

  1. For some reason this reminds me of the saying ‘power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.’ … Nice turn of phrase you have created here though.

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  2. Whenever I see the word control it reminds me of a line from the movie “Days of Thunder” (I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, plus it was Nicole Kidman’s character who said this) “Control is an illusion, you infantile egomaniac. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen next: not on a freeway, not in an airplane, not inside our own bodies and certainly not on a racetrack with 40 other infantile egomaniacs.”

    Maya is much more eloquent and does not reduce to name calling 🙂 Keep up the great posts

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  3. Yes. And it would be so easy to brush off the words and acts of reduction if they didn’t hurt so much. Yes we are only in control of ourselves but it’s a hard fight to rise above the onslaught. So fascinating to me to reflect on how I’ve handled this challenge and how I’ve allowed it to hurt me emotionally and physically. What’s worse is when your own mind does it to you.

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