I’m fighting Complex PTSD and…


Chronic Migraine EVERYDAY.  Why?


Because I’ve already survived all of this…


I’m gonna WIN!




This will Help…



People have said many things to me about my chronic illness. I have chronic migraine and complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).  I’ve tried for a long time to understand what the point is.  Why would you say these things to someone you care about?

“I go to work when I’m sick, but whatever.”

Okay. Well I hope it wasn’t contagious! Man, I’ve worked when I’ve been so sick I got lost going to see the doctor (neurologist) during my lunch hour.  Did I mention I’d been to his office at least twice before?  I’m not talking about a bad cold or diarrhea.  I’m talking about getting lost in a town I’ve lived in for almost 30 years, going somewhere I’ve been more than once. Not to mention the intense pain of chronic migraines that caused me to seek out the doctor who prescribed the medication that scrambled up my brain.  I’ve gone to work in severe pain too.  So many times its just a blur…

“You need a better plan. That’s why things aren’t working out for you.”

The best plan in the world doesn’t help me if I’m too sick to follow it.  This isn’t about a plan.  Its about me being chronically ill.  It took a long time for me to get this sick.  Its gonna take time for me to recover and/or learn to live with it.  Things aren’t great for me but the kids and I have a safe place to live, food & clothes.  I think we are doing well, especially considering what we have all been through.

“You just need to get over it.”

You first buddy!

“Are you feeling better yet?”

This is such a loaded question.  Better than what?  On the days I don’t have a migraine I’m either exhausted and recovering from one or I’m worried about when the next one will come.  Then there’s the CPTSD.  I want to feel better so badly.  I fight every day to get better.  Please stop asking me this question.  You don’t really want to hear the answer.

“I wanted to be there for you but I was busy.”

I understand you are busy.  I respect your time and other commitments.  I only ask the same of you in return.  Please don’t ask me to run errands for you, take your dog to the vet, or deliver business papers. Don’t stop by unannounced and dump all your problems on me.  My cup is full, overflowing actually.  My priority is my children.  You are a grown-up with no children at home.  I think you can take care of your own stuff.  I’d like to be there for you but I’m to busy fighting to get through my day.

“I know how you feel.”

I doubt that.  If you knew how I feel you’d never say these things to me.  You would understand how confusing it is to have someone you love hurt you in this way.


A part of me wants to believe you just don’t understand, but I’ve explained it to you over and over again.  You’ve seen me so sick I couldn’t get out of bed.  What do you think I’m doing here?  Do you really believe I wanted to lose my job?  Can’t you see how hard I fight to take care of my family?  Don’t you think I’d like to get over it?  Somehow you believe I enjoy reliving past trauma?  Sometimes I wonder because I’ve realized you are one of my biggest triggers.  I’ve explained that to you but I guess you were busy or you didn’t listen because you already knew how I felt.  I’ve pleaded with you to stop the behaviors that trigger me.  You know I’ve begged you.

I’m trying hard to see the point.  Why do you say these things to me?  Do you think This will Help?

Fight to Live in the Present

Fight to live in the Present

I struggle with this every day.  I lost my health for working for money.  Living without the money is a challenge but worth the cost to reclaim my health.  I’ve exhausted and depleted myself by worrying about my future those I love.  I’m fighting to live in the present.  I fight every day, all day long and into the night.  I want to experience living again before I die.

Today IS Good

TodayisGoodToday feels good. It has been three days since my last migraine attack. I can think so much clearer. I want to go outside and work in the garden (and I did)! I’m able to spend some time working and cleaning the house. Most of all I’m planning things to do in the future. I’m not naïve enough to think I won’t have another migraine. I know I will, but if they are fewer and farther between then I can heal better. I finally, after many years, found a doctor who listens to me instead of handing me a bag of pills. Physical Therapy, Dry Needling, Biofeedback and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are all helping me. Today is good. Thank you!

Migraines are Related to Ears

earsI seek out information on migraines because they are a significant part of my life.  What I find most interesting is learning about how my migraines relate to other symptoms I have. Looking back on my life I can remember experiencing some symptoms since childhood.  I also remember observing symptoms in family members.  Recently, I noticed a connection between migraines and my ears.

I have trouble hearing my youngest child sometimes.   I see her lips move and I hear her voice, but don’t understand what she’s saying.  I need to drive or sit in the front seat of a car and stare at the road.  If I don’t, I’m motion sick and vomiting. My ears ring and throb sometimes for no reason. Sometimes, I’m just plain dizzy in every sense of the word.

The trouble hearing is a newer symptom starting in the last couple of years along with the ringing ears. Motion sickness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I remember being dizzy as a child but it only gets worse as I get older.

Johns Hopkins Hospital does a great job of explaining migraine symptoms related to the ear.  For most people, symptoms related to the ear don’t happen at the same time as a migraine. This has been my experience too.  I started experiencing trouble hearing after my migraines became intractable.  I suspect a severe episode of migraine attacks can trigger new symptoms.

The more I learn about migraine symptoms the more empowered I feel to fight back against them. Just knowing my difficulty hearing related to my migraine gives me more reasons to try preventing future attacks. Another reason to exercise, eat right and avoid migraine triggers.  I need my ears, now and for a long time.