Must Sleep to Heal



The Simplest Things


Eat well, get plenty of rest and regular exercise. How many times have I heard this? Enough that it sounds like the adults speaking in a Charlie Brown movie. I don’t believe I’ve followed that advice in the past. I spent too many years eating chips and soda and not a meal. Exercise was no fun. Who wants to get all sweaty and stinky anyway? Sleep is a fantasy with four children.  As my mind continues to clear I can see how simple the answer. I can eat well, get plenty of rest and regular exercise. These are now my priorities. It may seem selfish to focus on myself. It would be easier for me to give up. Getting better is hard, but my loved ones deserve to have me healthy and productive. I’m there for them. Everything else will fall into place. I will keep trying every day to improve my health. I will get there by doing the simplest things.

Success with Yoga and Meditation

yoga meditationI found success with yoga and meditation.  The health benefits have been clear to me for a long time. The implementation into my life has been difficult for me.  One morning I woke up and did the Sun Salutation.  Success came from there.

Finding time for yoga and meditation in my life has been a challenge for me.  I find it difficult to have uninterrupted time for these two activities that need lots of focus.  I usually wake up earlier than everyone else, so I do yoga and then meditate before anyone else is awake.  It helps me focus more on what I can do during that day not mulling over my problems.  The same is true for bedtime.  To keep myself from rehashing the days events, I do the Moon Salutation and then meditate until I fall asleep.

I’ve started adding a morning yoga sequence and one to promote sleep at night.  In the future I plan to add a yoga sequence to correspond to my exercise routine.   I’m looking for yoga sequences that target the upper body, core and lower body.  For now, I’m happily enjoying the benefits of my current routine and looking forward to the future.

Yoga Morning and Night

I truly want to start doing yoga when I wake up and before I go to bed. I want to reap all the benefits yoga has to offer.  I want a simple, easy to follow, beginners routine.  I love how these two sequences are illustrated using an imperfect body shape.

moon salutation
Moon Salutation
sun salutation
Sun Salutation