The Good Doctor

Once the Good Doctor was unmasked, he showed his true self in all his rage and fury.  Still able to wear the mask in public, he pretended to be the homeless, impoverished victim while making me out to be the villain. I wasn’t the only one who saw you with the mask off, and they remember who you are indeed.  The gig is up, and you still pretend to be the Good Doctor.


I’ll Do It

I’ve learned to do it myself and not because I don’t want help but because I know better.  Too many times help is disguised as something else.  Instead, help is offered as a sort of down payment for future servitude.  Fulfillment of this servitude is expected immediately upon request, regardless of the circumstances.  This is a concept I’ve come to understand as an adult, and quite frankly, I’d rather do it myself than be in debt to a selfish soul.  In return, when help is genuine and truly selfless, it is seen as the truly beautiful thing that it is.