Keep Going

This is so very true.



Appreciating Opinions

The opinion of others always came first in my life well above my own.  I’ve spent most of my life trying to please others while neglecting myself.  Finally, I am ready to take care of myself and do the things I feel are most important.  People can say whatever they want, but I know the truth.  I must be able to live with myself and my decisions.  When I go to sleep at night, I want a clear conscious, so my dreams are my own. I appreciate the opinions of others, but I listen to my own voice now.


Hurt but Not Broken

I honestly believed there was something wrong with me for a very long time. In truth, I was hurting in silence and just needed an opportunity to heal. Instead, I beat myself up and let others abuse and take advantage of me until I was almost destroyed. A good friend finally told me I was not broken and I should never let anybody make me believe otherwise. Of course, I thought this was just lip service, but there was much truth in that statement. Once I came to an understanding of my pain and its origin I could start healing instead of trying to fix a part of me that was never broken in the first place. It is an entirely different concept.


Starting Over

For years now I’ve feared anyone asking me what I do for a living.  Losing my job was embarrassing and hurtful.  I would have been angry, but I was in too much pain.  My past damaged and broke me and I may very well have trust issues to some extent for the rest of my life.  I have picked myself up off the floor, and I am healing and learning about myself.  I am starting over and the future looks brighter than it ever has before.


Waiting for a Friend

I’m finally ready to be friends with my body.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but without each other, we aren’t going to get very far.  I have abused my body and refused to listen to its calls for help, but it is still willing to be my friend.  My body, when cherished and nurtured is my best friend, and I look forward to watching this friendship grow.


The Sound of Intuition

It is impossible to hear the sound of intuition when the mind is overwhelmed by the noise of fear. Intuition is the soul speaking and it serves as an experienced guide to the future. Do not give up the fight to quiet the mind and quell fear even in the heat of the battle when all else has failed.  The intuition always there waiting to be heard.


Write the Pain

Of all the things I’ve written, the best lines are the ones that hurt the most. The pain flows from my heart through my fingertips and onto the page. During the journey, the experiences come back, and I feel them all over again. A funny thing happens when the pain transfers to the page. I am validated, heard, and the pain is muted after being processed into words. Ernie was on to something more than just great literature.