In Search of the Best Biscuit Recipe

I’ve been looking a long time.  I may have come across it but didn’t realize because of my inexperience or impatience.  My thoughts have changed.  I still want a recipe that I can easily follow, has ingredients I regularly keep on hand,  and is the perfect mix of moist and crumbly.

I want a simple drop biscuit recipe.  Nothing against rolled and shaped biscuits, but I prefer to dirty as few dishes as possible.  I’m not fond of kneading and rolling either.  My luck with cutting shapes out of dough is definitely lacking. Simple for me means something I’m able to do in 15-20 minutes.  Refrigerating overnight, long rising/resting times, and the need for obscure kitchen appliances is not simple for me.

I have a fairly well stocked pantry.  I’d like to expand it but for now I regularly keep flour, sugar, oil, milk, eggs, baking powder, baking soda and other baking staples on hand. Expensive ingredients, those with a short shelf life and those I’ve never heard of are not typically on hand. Like Grandma’s biscuit recipe with ingredients available to most everyone.

I like a moist, slightly crumbly biscuit.  Something that goes well with jam or sausage gravy.  Something that will last until morning without getting rock hard.  A biscuit for brunch or a quick breakfast in a morning rush.  A biscuit I’d like to teach my kids to make.  Something they can share when they have a family.

I’m still searching for the best biscuit recipe…



Runaway Chickens

Why do my chickens always try to escape their run?  They have a large roomy run complete with apple trees, grass, dust bath, compost pile and duck pond.  I’m even in the process of building a chicken swing for them. Still they dig along the fence line, they push on the gate, they try to squeeze out any opening they can find.  I found one chicken, Apple, laying eggs near the woodpile. She was guarding close to a dozen eggs.  Another chicken, Clair, has a taste for the leeks in my garden.  Pearl prefers the watermelon patch and Juniper loves hiding under the pine trees, go figure.  They all end up standing at the back patio door – looking in.  A true sign our chickens are pets.  They really just want in the house with us.

Runaway chicken

Why Did the Duck Quack?

Did she quack because she’s ornery?

Did she quack because she’s sad?

Did she quack because she saw you and wanted a piece of bread?

Did she quack just to say “Hi!” or “How have you been?”

I think she quacked because she can and she wants to.

The rest is left unsaid.


Love Hate Relationship with My Elliptical Trainer

I love my elliptical trainer. It fits in a reasonably small space and is quiet.  I can use it anytime I want and I don’t have to share it with anyone. It has several pre-programmed workouts and has a manual workout setting.  It shows how many calories I’ve burned, how many steps I’ve taken, and my heart rate.  Its a great machine.  I love it.


I hate my elliptical trainer because its no fun.  I get bored even when I’m working hard.  I need to see out a window or watch TV to keep my mind busy.  Otherwise I’m just watching the clock waiting for the workout to end.  I need a low impact workout because of an old knee injury.  I need to stay at home to workout because that works best for me. My elliptical is boring and I hate that.

My love hate relationship creates a constant battle for my motivation to work out.  I feel better afterwards, but getting on the machine and sometimes just completing the workout is difficult sometimes.  I need to find a way to love more than hate.  I know its better for me in all kinds of ways.

These 3 Things

These three things

There are three things I must do everyday. Take care of myself, my family, and business. My all-encompassing trinity.  I need all three.  All three need me.  We need each other in more ways than we realize.  Finding a balance is the most difficult part for me.

Honestly, for most of my life I put business before myself and my family. I believed that providing for my family was the most important thing.  By spending all my time working I failed myself and my family.   By not taking care of myself, I was unable to see how much my family needed me.  I was in a fog of poor health, exhaustion and poor life choices.

When I finally started trying to take care of myself, I was able to see how much my family needed me. I’m still in awe of how much it take to care for a family.  I am much more capable of rising to this task when I take care of myself.

I’m not ashamed to say my first priority every day is to work out.  I need it .  It clears my mind and helps me feel I’ve accomplished something.  Being a self-employed, work at home single mom, this is very important to me.  Once I’ve worked out, I feel I can accomplish almost anything.

I can provide healthy food and a healthy environment for my children.  I can generate enough income and resources to care for my family.  I just need to work out first.  I need to make sure I am present for my family. I can do this.  So can you.