Smelling Painfully

During a migraine, I smell everything, and even good smells are painful.  Somehow smells plunge into my brain like thousands of tiny daggers, piercing the most sensitive areas and overwhelming my already overstimulated neuronss.  Perfume, air fresheners, and cleaning products are some of the worst smells.  Please don’t be offended if I must leave the room.  You don’t smell bad; just painfully.


My Chronic Migraine




Yoga for Migraines


Migraine Postdrome

I’m a very tired zombie today. A little lost in the fog at the end of my migraine.

Too Bright


This is me on a three-day migraine, and counting.  At least this meme made me laugh.


That sums it up nicely. The goblin hit yesterday afternoon and hasn’t let up. I hope it’s gone by morning because I feel blank. Painfully blank.

Yes, Another Migraine.



adjective chron·ic \ˈkrä-nik\
Popularity: Top 20% of words

Simple Definition of chronic

  • medical : continuing or occurring again and again for a long time

  • : happening or existing frequently or most of the time

  • : always or often doing something specified

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary 
September 15,2016
I have them almost every day.  No, not every migraine keeps me in bed or causes me to worship the porcelain godess.
Yes, each migraine is much more than a headache. Most difficult is how every migraine short circuits my brain.  Doing any sort of math in my head is out of the question and computer work is tedious and entirely frustrating. I must pay particular attention to my driving as my migraines are so distracting.  I could take a pill and it might work.  I could take a pill and it might not do anything.  I could take a pill, again today, that will cause another migraine tomorrow.  That one will be worse.
I’m tired.  No, I’m exhausted.  Yes, I have another migraine… 😦