I Wear My Sunglasses Inside

 I wear my sunglasses inside
So I can so I can
Protect my eyes from blinding rays
And I wear my sunglasses inside
So I can so I can
Function in some normal kind of way

Lyrics adapted from Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart

Headlights are Not My Friends

Even the taillights are too bright during a due to severe light sensitivity as a result of chronic migraine. I try to avoid driving at night whenever possible because the headlights are painful and blinding. I wear special glasses that reduce the glare; otherwise, all I see is bright light drowning out everything else.

The pain of migraine only impacts me a couple of days each week now, and I can usually manage that. There was a time when they came virtually every day, and driving felt like torture. I’d keep a bowl or large plastic cup next to me because nausea, my migraine’s best friend, often resulted in vomiting. Yes, while I was driving.

I only drove to take the kids to and from school and to see the doctor. I couldn’t drive alone at night because I had to close my eyes at stoplights and needed one of my kids to tell me when the light turned green. The taillights from vehicles in front of me were even too bright. The headlights from cars and especially trucks on the other side of the intersection, flashed in the dark when traffic moved by, which exacerbated the pain and nausea.

It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to be driving, but at the time, there was no other reasonable option. I have less pain and fewer migraine attacks overall, but the light sensitivity is still severe. Headlights hurt my eyes, and they will never be my friends.


Too Bright


This is me on a three-day migraine, and counting.  At least this meme made me laugh.