Yoga for the Holiday


Happy Alone

I always felt I needed someone to make me happy, but I was wrong. People in my life made me feel like there was something wrong with me if I wasn’t married or dating someone. My experience has proven that I am most unhappy while in a bad relationship and there is nothing wrong with being alone. Never again will I allow someone in my life so that other people will see me as a better person while I suffer in silence with the knowledge that things are very wrong. The next person I allow into my life will be a positive addition to my world or nothing at all because I am happy right now, alone.



Without self-love, we accept whatever the narcissist to give and fail to see their mask of love. They offer the idea of love without actually loving. When we don’t care enough for ourselves, we fall prey to those narcissistic parasites who live in chaos and conflict, all the while confessing to love. Without personal peace and acceptance, we are unable to love others genuinely.