Longing for Restful Sleep


Sleep Healing

I had no idea how important sleep was for my health until my health hit rock bottom. The first time I felt I could sleep for days was after the birth of my third child. I was working full time, dealing with an abusive husband and young children who weren’t sleeping through the night. I took my infant daughter into the guestroom in an attempt to get a little more sleep which sparked a colossal rage episode with my husband who took the move as a sign I was having an affair. Ugh! After the birth of my fourth child, my health took a sharp dive and even after escaping an abusive marriage I still couldn’t sleep. I was riveted with fear that my ex would break in and attack us at night or I was having nightmares that he was already back and I couldn’t get him to leave. My children, traumatized, were unable to sleep and were up sleepwalking and crying out for me in the night likely from their own nightmares. I remember telling my co-workers that I needed to sleep for a few years to not be tired anymore. Sleep has been pivotal in my healing process. Sleep is a priority for me and I can’t imagine getting to this point in my healing journey without it.


Must Sleep to Heal


Sleep Dream

I dream about sleep. Deep slumber, beautiful escape and the core of my healing. This is where I start…