Starting Over

For years now, I’ve feared anyone asking me what I do for a living. Losing my job was embarrassing and hurtful. I would have been angry, but I was in too sick and in too much pain. My past damaged and broke me, and I may very well have trust issues, to some extent, for the rest of my life.

I have picked myself up off the floor, and I am healing and rediscovering myself. I am starting over, and the future looks brighter than it ever has before.

What do I do for a living now? I do the best I can, and I write. Writing is therapy for me, and it is helping me emerge from the cellar I’ve been living in for far too long.


Write the Pain

Of all the words I’ve written, the best lines are the ones that hurt the most. The pain flows from my heart through my fingertips and onto the page. During the journey, the experiences come back, and I feel them all over again.

A funny thing happens when the pain transfers to the page. I am validated, heard, and the pain mutes after being processed into words. Ernie was on to something more than just great literature.